The mainstream news sometimes presents a tainted view of our industry because of a few unethical investors. While no one likes the fact that there are some in our profession that don’t operate with a high level of integrity, it’s important to remember that there are people who don’t “follow the rules” in every profession such as doctors, lawyers, bankers, police officers and more. Fortunately, just as with these other professions, these people are rare.

We buy houses in many different situations and in just about every condition you could imagine, we buy any condition houses. When you do what we do for a living, you get the opportunity to touch a lot of people’s lives. Our system of doing business is one that is based on a set of values that gives us great pride in the fact that we help people every day. You’ve probably never stopped to think about it, but every time we purchase a house, we help many people. Some examples of this are:

We help homeowners.

In life, things happen. Many times we purchase houses from good people who, because of one reason or another, found themselves in a situation where selling their house was the best option. We offer a complete solution. We handle every aspect of the transaction so the seller can focus on the things that matter most. Even if the seller isn’t in a distressed situation, we provide a hassle-free transaction where everyone leaves the closing table completely satisfied.

We help neighborhoods.

When we purchase a house, it almost always needs at least some work done. More often than not, we purchase homes that are neglected, vacant or in need of major repairs. After closing, work starts on the house immediately. Usually within a few weeks, the house that might have been an eyesore before has become one of the nicest in the neighborhood. Not only is it better to look at – our renovated homes help to increase the average value in the neighborhood. That means we help everyone who owns a house nearby.

We help families.

Purchasing homes is only half the story. We also sell the houses that we buy. After we buy a house and renovate it, we place it back into the market. Most of the time, we offer them with flexible lease-options or with owner financing. There are thousands in Polk County who would love to own a home but can’t qualify for conventional financing. We help these people with the dream of home ownership.

We help lenders.

If you have been living on earth for the last year, you’ve heard the news about the rise in foreclosures and how many of the nations once-largest banks have quit lending money or filed bankruptcy. When we purchase a house, particularly from someone behind on payments or in foreclosure, we pay off a non-performing loan that might otherwise been a statistic.

Benefits of selling to a real estate investor:

• Sell your property in “as-is” condition, fast!

• Receive a fair price.

• You pay no realtor commission.

• No need to show your home to potentially unqualified buyers.

• Investors have the resources such as title companies and attorneys to handle complex situations.

• No worries about whether your buyer can get their loan funded.

• Flexibility to move either quickly or slowly, on your timeframe.