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Are you an ethical real estate investor who also has the ability and desire to purchase homes quickly? Easy Homes 123 is one of Lakeland’s most aggressive home buyers. We field dozens of leads each week from homeowners that are looking for an investor to purchase their homes quickly. We are the Lakeland real estate investors you need.

Whether you’re looking for wholesale leads or properties to hold, we can help.

Part of the system that makes us successful is having a network of experienced, ethical investors in the area who realize that a good deal is one where everyone comes out ahead. Because we look at such a large number of properties each month, we find properties that fit nearly any investor’s profile.

Tell us who you are and what you are looking for.

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Fill out this online form if you are:

• A “bird dog” who likes to find properties for other investors.

• A landlord looking to build long-term wealth in rental real estate.

• A cash investor who has the resources to close deals within a matter of days.

• A “subject-to” investor who is interested in properties that might be highly leveraged.

• A Realtor or other professional who is proficient in short sales.

• A hard money lender who might want properties for your investor clients.

• A rehabber who likes to purchase houses in need of repair and sell them at a profit.

• A note buyer who prefers to own mortgages and “paper” rather than actual real estate.

• Anyone else who doesn’t fit in the categories listed above but consider yourself an investor.